Èze | Eza

Don't climb to the top of Èze and fall down in the garden. Because you'll be riddled with thorns and cactus prickles.

On our way to Monaco last summer we stopped briefly in Èze - a quaint French village drenched in the sun and sea. It seemed to me to be a walk entirely uphill, that led to one of the bluest, most vibrant riviera vistas I have seen in all of my days. With your occasional cactus.

Apparently this cactus garden, the 

jardin botanique,

is very famous. And while I do appreciate a fair share of succulents, I preferred the whitewashed stone buildings and little shops that you could find if you poked about every corner. What amazed me about it here was how quiet it was. Perfectly lovely, tucked away, and absolutely perfect for a hidden picnic or to enjoy a small glass of champagne.

ciao! xo