Bellagio, Lake Como

Judging by these photos, I think in Bellagio I was feeling the tabletops, wisteria and duck shots. It was such a fine, beautiful and misty day. I can remember the train ride well. Straining my eyes to see the swiss alps - but ah, just one too many clouds to block the view.

It was okay, I had my best friends with me and we had met a friendly duck.

We dined at a fancy hotel in Bellagio and I ordered my first ever margarita.

It was strong.  

Only a year later did my friend and I admit to feeling the effects of that one... :) Everyone suspected but we happily denied it and just took in the views. But it led to some mindless and utterly blissful walks through the streets of Bellagio, scenic shots of the bluest water, truest green mountains, punctuated with pockets of golden rooftops. I could feel George Clooney's presence that day...somewhere was his villa. Maybe the one above. Calling my name...

Our day ended in a perfectly time, perfectly violent and crazy hailstorm. The day itself was perfect. The hailstorm added a bit of frenzy that made us laugh,  and I can giggle again even thinking about how amazed I was by it. Was I even here to see those pastel colored houses and luscious hydrangeas? Or the lightning storm over como lago  with the boat on skis?

ah, another life it seems. from guigno 2011.

ciao, xo