girlie starbucks date; breaking out my inner-lumberjack;

tea and strawberries for breakfast; overloaded marshmallows + hot chocolate

special delivery; a snowy creek on my drive home;

solo latte dates; gleefully smiling in my new drive!

healthy lunch with my best gal pal; sweet gifts on v-day;

breakfast dates; a view from high up!

- - -

just a little life lately from 


 and beyond.

winter is draaaaggging on and on and my entire feed seems to be WHITE with snow.

and also dominated by pictures of coffee. wooops.

i can only post so much on a snow day.

and I can only tell you guys so many times that spring cannot come faster.

soon i hope to have a little green and pink in my feed. i need flowers!

i can't promise anything about the coffee pictures stopping, though.

ciao, xo