how did skiing go, you ask?

As I type this, just know that I feel like death.

 Dumbest decision of the day: I stupidly, foolishly took on a black diamond slope with such empty confidence  and totally deserved to wipe out the way I did. My body aches! Even my face hurts (congestion, gah). But all in all, what a super duper fun weekend with a hilarious bunch. I was in stitches laughing the entire time on my skis, which makes all of this stiffness worth it. I can now watch the winter olympics from the comfort of my home with a totally new appreciation for winter sportsmen (and women) everywhere.

update from 2016: This headache of mine resulted in a concussion. Oops.

one more note: I ate a record amount of donuts this weekend, fyi.

ciao! xo, and happy monday to you!