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I still have the taste of my vanilla latte from Nonno's in my mouth - rich, foamy, and sweet. I grabbed a seat by the window and gazed forlornly at all of the snow that is piled up...when will it ever melt? The fact that I was sitting in a cafe dedicated to the art of Italian coffee and gelato made me quite happier. Of course I wish I was sitting at a cafe tucked away in some vicolo,  with awnings and sun-washed orange brick walls framing the place, hearing the clinks of light porcelain amidst the occasional vespa motor. But Nonno's is such a treat, and it's so good to know that someone  out there, not too far away, is sitting there having a gelato or cappuccino and dreaming of the very same thing.

Nonno's ambience is charming and delightful - the perfect place to steal away for a quiet moment (like I did). Just a glance at the trays of sweets makes me wants one of everything. I particularly like their jars of biscotti. Perhaps their crowning glory is the gelato, which really does make me yearn for those fleeting days of summer. I absentmindedly took the photo above and didn't realize that the flavors they have sound so delicious - pumpkin!? I'd have that. Thank you, Nonno's, for loving Italy as much as I do, and wanting to bring a little of it here.


 italian coffee parlor & gelateria

6 state street

doylestown, pa