be mine?

Haaaapppy Valentine's Day! 

I hope you are wearing something pink or red,

or have a little flutter in your heart today.

I myself just went a little overboard with all of the heart emojis as I sent 'happy vday' texts today...


This sketch is from last year's V-day! But I decided to bring it back because it's just perfect for today.

(I'll pretend that it didn't just snow 10+ inches here and heels/short dress with a light trench would be weather-appropriate).

Meanwhile I am wearing sweats. Yuck.

But it's nice to dream of warmer weather...

Tonight will definitely be chilly, but I am so excited.

I'll be in the city with S for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants! 

I've been looking forward to it for weeeeeeks. 

How will you be spending your valentine's day?

I hope it involves chocolate.

ciao, xoooo!