just a few midwinter thoughts

1. Things I do way too much, in obnoxious excess: re-watch Downton Abbey episodes so often that I can reiterate scripts without looking, etc. (it's embarrassing - I'm talking like 3+ episodes DAILY), drinking tea (see above), complaining about how cold it is, eating sushi (it's an odd new fad of mine), clearing snow off of my car.

2. I have been battling a nasty ear infection and it is the worrrrst.  This goes hand in hand with me complaining about how cold it is - doesn't it just make sense to associate getting sick with being indoors because it is just too dang cold out? Well. The first few days (!) of my inconvenient ailment, I could barely hear and had to see the doc twice. Even I am sick of myself. I am definitely on the rebound but it is odd just how painful this can be. It's amazing how quick the human body can bounce back, and it's also pretty astounding just how a double-ear infection can take the life out of you.

3. Slowly and quietly, a little spring fever is bubbling about. I think of flowers and get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Valentine's Day is coming up, and seeing all the pink and red is even getting me all comfy-cozy happy. I cannot  wait to take trips to the flower stores, see bulbs sprout from the seemingly frozen ground, and eat Easter egg candies until my heart is content.

4. Current obsessions: see #1, plus my new car (!!!), my electric blanket, new bralettes I've just ordered from aerie , cowl-neck sweater/sweatshirts, which reminds me of the song Sweater Weather ; seeing Scout practice new tricks we've taught her, browsing instagram (way too often), anything stripes, my new blending sponge from Sephora , and visits to my favorite pizzeria with the family. We're having a girl date there later today!

5. Lately I haven't been taking a lot of time,  but way more time than I have in the past to check up and comment on blogs. I have found so many great ones! I am so excited to be swapping buttons with new bloggers I've "met." Starting from scratch is tough but always so worth it. I love the blogging community!

what's up with you?? ciao, xo