cough, cough, cough (grumpy post)

I'm sick! Ewwww! I've spent every day this weekend cuddled under a blanket, with lots of tea nearby,  and something amazing on the tv. (thank, thank, thank you to abc family for airing a perfectly-timed harry potter weekend). I got a lot done for work, actually, which was nice, and was able to just veg out. It snowed a lot more than I expected on saturday so it was a total lazy, indoors day...

before i started feeling like total awfulness

I am reeeeally starting to get sick of being indoors, really sick of the below-freezing mark, and even more sick of feeling like my head is going to explode from all of this pressure. I am pretty grumpy. I've said before that I hated winter, but I am kind of depressing myself because I keep reminding myself that it's only January (well, it's kind of over) and there's so much more snow, so many more sneezes, so many more days of horrific paleness to go. there, i said it. i absolutely detest this right now.