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coldy cold

People are strapping trees to their car roofs! Christmastime!!!

It's not bitter cold yet, but it's that exciting, festive cold that precedes Christmas and envelops a certain cheer around everyone. A countryside wintry day looks a lot like what I've seen above - grey skies, collections of evergreens by the roads, and bare tree branches. It smells like pine and sounds like static-y old radios playing christmas songs tuning in and out of my car's almost-broken radio..

So that's just one glimpse at the past week, which was nice and relaxing. I lived in my maroon thermal (which I am pretty sure is a size XXL) and probably drank gallons of hot chocolate. I fully plan on doing that when the winter break arrives in t-minus 14 days! This week was such a tease...

ciao, xo