things i've learned...

july 2013

I know I'm not even half way through my (third!?) decade of life...but sometimes I sit and think about the wonderful, not so wonderful, and very important things that life and people have taught me. This post is kind of a blend of what my twenties have taught me and what others have taught me. Sometimes I wonder just why a certain person comes into my life - sometimes I want it to be for a certain reason, and my expectations get the better of me. I tend to idealize people, in a certain context or memory. Perhaps these people that come and go are meant to teach a quick lesson in...well, just life.

1. Just work hard.

mind your own business, and be proud of what you do. simple as that.

2. All nice things come to an end.

3. Being friendly really is better.

4. Be selfish.

it's okay to splurge on the $4 coffee sometimes. it's okay to take a break. 

5. Honor those before you. Venerate and celebrate your ancestors. Let them live through you.

6. Be adventurous. Be spontaneous.

7. Sometimes nothing beats a good story.

8. "Be the water, not the rock."

let it flow. never push.

9. Be relatable. What's the use in being unapproachable?

10. Be simple. Be happy.

 also: be goofy.

11. Life is easy, and sometimes we make it hard.

i tend to overcomplicate sometimes. living simply can be so hard when we think too much!

12. You can't kick every little pebble that you come across on the street.

 a quote from my great grandmother. if you kick every little pebble in the road, you'll scuff up your shoes ;) and get tired of all the kicking. let it goooo.

13. Travel is a necessary extravagance.

14. Never burn bridges.

you never know when you will cross paths again - you have to assume you will. life is odd that way.

15. Trust your gut feeling. It's

usually right.

16. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

that's a quote my grandfather used to say...and I


it is true. The jury's still out on that one.

What do you think? Anything in particular resonate with you?

Life is full of so many questions for me right now. It's nice to revisit these little axioms once in a while :)

ciao, xo