spontaneous in oh so many ways.

as a kid, i used to horseback ride every weekend in the summer. i LOVED it.

"my" horse - not mine at all, but the one I rode - was named Oscar.

Oscar ignited my imagination. he was a "wild mustang from the west," I had been told.

His neck was branded with tattooed numbers and symbols...he looked like he was out of a movie.

His spirit was feisty and all wild-mustang, too.

Oscar is still around locally, but it's been years.

In college I joined the equestrian team for a hot second.

I love horseback riding...but my experience isn't that strong. I'm not cut out for the competitions, but I like the easy sway that comes with riding a horse.

I always see people riding through the park, and this time of year, it looks absolutely magical.

So this weekend I decided to be spontaneous. I called up a farm and inquired about riding through the park.

Easy peasy!


too easy.

So S and I went to the farm...paid for our horses...and hopped right on.

It was a beautiful day for the changing leaves, covered bridges, and a slight fog in the clouds.

The trails we walked through were covered with leaves.

The forest was silent except for the crunch of leaves under our horses' hooves.

The ground was completely covered by beautiful hues of orange, red and brown.

That is until my horse tripped...and in a super fast blur, my head hit his. 

Bloody lip, swelling, busted up jaw, and confusion everywhere.

So now I type this, with a nasty cut-up, fat lip. I look pretty scary.

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be eating whole foods for a few days.

(last night I may have overdid it on the wine and cheese thing...


I sort of wish I was not in this situation...but...

at least I was doing something epic.

here's to spontaneity...never knowing what to expect...in oh so many ways! boom!

(and on a serious note, pray for me that i don't need stitches. it's not looking so hot).

ciao, xo