halloweenie party

 this year I was lady mary from downton abbey! :)

I type this with a bowl of Halloween candy in front of me, and it's

the most

tempting thing ever.  I already took a little bag of peanut M&Ms, but that is


it. I had enough sugary treats and halloween-themed goodies over the weekend at our annual halloween party - and it was a blast. I was Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey, and I do have to say, the costume was a hit! $12 on gloves, and that was it. the rest, I owned!

It was a festive weekend, with lots of oranges and yellow hues in the leaves outside; weather that actually required some sort of coat, and plenty of pumpkin-everything to be had. Georgia and Scout even dressed up to add to the mood :)

Highlights from the weekend...


a crisp morning walk in the park along a hidden creek


eating rice krispies for breakfast on sunday morning (oops)

+ both S and I working late into  friday yet meeting for a quick, much needed dinner date


starbucks hot chocolate


wearing my grey wool cape (!!!) for cooler weather


having a bonfire, sharing spooky classics like




, our tradition

have a happy week! can you BELIEVE that this week, it will be november?

ciao, xo