a happy list

+ sunday dinners.

+ shopping for shoes.

+ vases of fresh cut flowers.

+ summery clouds on a fall day.

+ pumpkin spice lattes.

+ pencil skirts and loafers.

+ lead pencils, sharpies and post-it notes (my inner teacher)

+ philly coffee dates.

+ long chats in the car.

+ getting inspired with friends.

+ poems.

+ julep nail polish.

+ walks with scout.

+ planning and daydreaming trips.

+ that out of the blue text from a person you want to hear from.

+ packages and pretty envelopes.

+ gold bracelets.

+ cups of tea.

Ugh, these things make my heart flutter right now. Yesterday I picked these flowers (it's actually a perennial and I have no idea what it is) and put them in a vase, just because. I need more of those moments. Admiring these things on my list gets me through the week, notably the big things like daydreaming with friends and walks with my family (and scout!) outside on a crisp fall evening. It anchors me in my whirlwind, 10000mph days. Is it okay if I am scared of how stressed I am at work? The pressure is on, and I'm overwhelmingly hard on myself; but then there are moments when I think I am not trying hard enough. I don't get me. All I know is that these things bring me a little peace of mind, in handfuls at a time.

What calms you down? What's on your happy list?

ciao, xo