Summer Snapshots from Amalfi

Some fond memories about


+ meeting the kindest sandal maker who outfitted Jackie O.!

+ calamari fritti.

+ the rickety chairlift up to the top - and the view that followed.

+ the super fast Europa Jet ferries - and furiously journaling to fit my day in. Atleast they felt fast.

+ seeing hot orange coral under the water, growing on the cliffs

+ buying a ceramic from this place - it's a tradition of mine! I always buy something.

+ the fresh fruit stand in Marina Grande

+ admiring the creative names of boats in the harbor

+ marveling the neon blue waters of the Blue Grotto...the world is a beautiful place.

The first time I ever went to Capri I was 17 and I learned - it's Cahpri. 

Now being 23, it wasn't as new and sparkly for me, but the water really did sparkle. One of the best ways I've ever seen Capri (remember: Cahpri!) was by boat, and I remember thinking to myself: "wow, the water really does glitter." 

I did a video about the Amalfi Coast and mentioned that in there too - the sun dances on the water, the boats preparing to float into to grotta azzurra bump up and down, the mist is tantalizing as it hits your face from the water. Also: another fun thing is watching people get awkward as they pass through the love're always encouraged to kiss someone, as legend says you'll have bad luck in the love department if not... ;)

ciao! xo