An Introduction

Hi there! Welcome to my first post on my new site, Anticipation. Either you're new (welcome!) or you're familiar with me and my blog (welcome, too!). Simply put, due to unforseen circumstances and the perilous depths of the internet, I've decided to start anew and fresh.

If you know me, you probably know that I have recently returned and settled in at home after a summer of a lifetime. It's stinky timing for my other blog to go under, but I am actually thrilled with this new beginning - I can't wait to update you with a new perspective. Anyway, my travels of the summer took me far, and it's good to be back home, especially now that I have some amazing news on the career front. I've found a job!

Ho trovato un lavoro!

Finally, some stability for the year, and peace of mind.

I think, when it comes to my


of blogging, I am more of a photo-diary kind of person. I love snapping pictures of everything. I have been known to take thousands of pictures in a few hours. I suppose I'll start off with some of my favorite photos of the year, and use that as a springboard to hop right into current life. So here we go...2013 to date. What a good year it is.

Philadelphia is my town. This year I've really grown to love exploring the city - at times, like a tourist!

Coffee, notably espresso, and even more particularly,


lattes - make me the happiest.

I enjoy finding time to do the things I love during my downtime...

and then came this summer. wwwwhoooosh! the time of my life.

One thing I like is that I always seem to find a way back to Italy.

- - -

So, in quite a haphazard nutshell - that's the past few months of my life. I can genuinely say I am so excited to post again, to 'update' my blog with some really meaningful writing and photography. I hope you decide to follow, and check back soon!

ciao, xo

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