Trip to the Magnolia Silos

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Chip and Jo really have created a little haven in the Magnolia Silos! On a trip to Texas for a workshop, my mom (aka partner in crime) and I made a little side-trip to head down to Waco, TX. With the intention to walk around, grab a cupcake, and see what all the hype was about, we really did feel that this little corner is delightful (and very instagrammable). 

We made sure we were there very early, about 20 mins. before the Silo Baking Co. opened. We were probably 5th or 6th in line, and yes, there was a snaking line all queued up very early in the morning. I love how the bakery is very small in size, and the staff clearly have a system as to not overcrowd the bakery once it is open.

Some tips: get there early, and if you're up for it, get a cupcake to save for later. Otherwise you'll be in that line (again) for a very long time!

Undoubtedly my favorite part of the Silos was walking around and seeing how happy all of the visitors were! It is like a Disneyworld for women especially and adults of all ages, haha. Everyone was eagerly anticipating the opening of the Magnolia Market (talk about a LINE out the door!). The grounds are beautifully kept, thanks to attentive staff and what appears to be a very organized system. The gardens are kept simple, with herbs and zinnias and sun-loving flowers. The middle of the grounds has a turf-lined play area with balls, bean bags, and corn hole sets.

By the time the Magnoia Market opened, it was so crowded that we had trouble navigating the shelves! I didn't buy anything, but I would probably opt to purchase online. Seeing the display and presentation is undoubtedly inspiring, and enough to fuel your creative juices.

Can't wait to share more of our Texas trip! This was only the beginning!

ciao! xo