Snow Day

Snow days are soul food. It is truly so nourishing to sit with a coffee, a burning candle, and a refrigerator stocked with the yummiest snow day snacks! On our snow day today, I got outside and took some exterior portraits of our house. Inside, we’ve made so many strides with fixing it up, including an almost-complete kitchen and some new key investments like light fixtures and furniture. Outside, I feel it is stately enough to stand the test of time. Sure, I’d make changes if I could, but part of the “fixer upper” magic is paying homage to the original-ness of a house. My favorite part of our house is the front window, which lets in bright natural light. I also love the brick masonry, which adds a sense of age and imperfection.

This is a short post, and I haven’t posted consistently in a while…but just stopping in amidst the hustle & bustle (even of snow days!) to update the journal a bit. Moving on now to work on some calligraphy, tackle some laundry, and get ready for dinner! Ah, the home life.


Aaaand here’s a pic of me, in the backyard playing in the snow!

ciao, xo