Leather Jacket Lunch Date

I broke out Massimo's jacket for our first al fresco dining of 2018! Well, if you're not counting all of those beachside dinners in Hawaii, that is...

The pelletteria in which this coat once lived is in the magical city of Florence. The leather shop, named after its owner, Massimo, was an equally magical place. I recounted the serendipitous story in this post, and oh how it brings a smile to my face!


bandana (in hair) madewell | jacket massimo (the story behind this jacket is awesome) | sweater anthropologie (similar)  

This past weekend we got mediterranean for lunch and it was just warm enough to have lunch in the sun outside. Chicken kabobs with harissa for me, shrimp kabobs for S. Have I mentioned recently how much I love harissa sauce? I found a recipe on pinterest that I have every intention of making (once I get a food processor). It is so delicious and light and spicy, perfect for grilled chicken and veggies like I had.

Dressing for early spring chilliness is hard. I am thinking about doing a capsule-like wardrobe not just for spring, but for spring/autumn, because the weather gets so chilly during both seasons. Summer is a totally different messy story. Even though the jacket is the staple piece, the sweater was the part I had to focus on. The one I wore here is actually a sleeveless cowl from Anthro. It is so soft! I loved it when I saw it on the hanger, and I loved how it fit (not too snug, but nice and fitted in all the right spots). But my teacher wardrobe consists of...boring cardigans...and it's actually really hard to wear! So, as I was thinking what to wear my sweater with, the jacket presented itself (as it did when I first found it!). Cardigans just don't look right with the sweater, in my opinion. I love how light this outfit felt and how it looked more layered than it really was. Another way I'd wear this sweater is with a denim jacket. I have my eye on this one from Madewell! 

I wish I had a better shot of my entire outfit for you, but this is what we got. Sometimes you gotta keep things simple :) 

ciao! xo