Harvest Salad (Copycat)


This “Harvest Salad” is a Corner Bakery-inspired copycat recipe that turned out really surprisingly fantastic! When made fresh, it is the perfect crisp lunch that leaves you full-ish, but not stuffed. That is the best part of munching on salads. My theory is they take forever to eat, so you’re tricking your brain into feeling fuller. I guess it’s that whole “eat slow” idea. The fresh zing of the apple paired with the sharp blue cheese makes this salad so satisfying.

My mom, sister and I started working out and we’ve been sticking to a regular schedule for a good solid 2 and a half months! I am super proud of us, and working out with my mom and sister makes it so much more fun. It’s like a bunch of girls invaded the bro-space of the weight room; we just have fun doing our bad-ass deadlifts and dips! But it motivates me to eat healthier too, and so I whipped this lunch up for two this afternoon. I wanted to copy one of my favorite salads from Corner Bakery. This is pretty close to the real thing!

My father in-law is helping us renovate the kitchen on weekends and I know he is watching what he eats, so it was perfect for him too. I added some simple olive-oil sautéed chicken to his bed of greens to add protein, but I like my salad without that extra flavor. Let me end with this: my father in-law said it was “restaurant quality.” Mental high-five to myself!

The Harvest Salad | Serves 2

  • 4 tablespoons Ken’s Honey Balsamic Dressing

  • Blue Cheese, cut into thin sections (I chose Wegman’s Gorgonzola Piccante - my favorite)

  • Handful craisins

  • Walnuts (would be amazing if candied, but adds sugar and sweetness, obviously not as healthy!)

  • Fresh spring mix with spinach

  • 1 Granny Smith Apple, cut into small slivers

    See the Corner Bakery ingredients listed on their website.


Tip: This is personal preference, but I really like how Corner Bakery arranges their salad by having little pockets for each topping. Laid upon their bed of greens, they arrange the cheese, craisins, and apples in their own little corner.


ciao! xo