Spring in the Countryside: Flowers and Chicks

April is such a sensuous time - all of the sounds and smells of spring are in full force. Soft white dogwood trees blossoming, the sound of birds chirping in the morning, dewy air, and the fragrance of hyacinth. Even the angle of the sun feels different. There is something so fresh and innocent about a springtime in the countryside, where all of these beautiful changes are in abundance.

Every single day this past week has been something - no free nights. I have been guiding myself back into a structured workout regimen, trying to curb my indulgences a little bit. Then there's grad school - the end of the semester is packed with projects. And there have been fun things - like my birthday! Eek! I hit twenty freaking seven and then there was cake...so I fell off track :) We even had a trip to Washington DC which was fabulous, filled with lots of walking and sightseeing. My mom and I both had off today (Good Friday) so we spent the morning together with the intention to be slow-paced, appreciative of our surroundings, and of course to find some good coffee.

We certainly found good coffee. Up and away from our neck of the woods, we ventured around aimlessly and found Brig o' Doon, tucked away and about to close for the holiday. Of course, I got my usual latte and it was delicious! I wish we could have spent more time there - instead of feeling like a new and unfamiliar place, I somehow felt like I was in a countryside hamlet on a lovely and clear British spring day. I feel like there isn't anything more quintessential spring than Sense & Sensibility, hot tea, and a British accent...

And then we found CHICKS! Lots and lots of peeping, happy, baby chicks (and ducklings). They were just as cute and fluffy and sweet as they look. How amazing would it be to raise chickens or ducklings? I would love it - I know it's a lot of work but if I ever had a farm it would be something I would seriously consider!

ciao, xo and happy easter!