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If you're a long time reader, you would know that my series, Coffee Diaries, was inspired by an appreciation for good coffee. But not just the coffee itself - the cafe. It started as a search for the perfect ambience. It was inspired by watching years of episodes of Frasier, Central Perk, and even Gilmore Girls - where the cast always flocks to their go-to cafe. Cafe Nervosa. Town Perk. Luke's. The perfect cafe is a haven. It is a place to gather, indulge; a place to seek refuge from the everyday frenzy and rush. A friendly place close by, but still open enough to passersby and newcomers.

The Coffee Diaries, an ongoing documentation of my coffee travels, were inspired by the craft of coffeemaking, the attention to detail, and the art of brewing the perfectly balanced cup. It was inspired by the atmosphere of the coffee culture - the smell, the sounds of hissing espresso machines, the hubbub of chatter in the room. It was inspired by travels to different cities - places in the West, places in Europe, and even places in my own home city. But I never had a cafe to call home. Probably the biggest motive for documenting all of these cafes is the fact that I was searching for it - a cafe of my home town.  The coffee diaries documents other places...not my place. But maybe that 

So last weekend, we took a morning drive (a short drive!) to a new coffee place in the next town over. Chain coffee franchises dominate my town - Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Wawa. I am not above these places at all. In fact, a visit to one of these places can make a day a good day for me. But they're ubiquitous and predictable - in no way unique or eclectic. There haven't been many standalone cafes to challenge the norm...until the Coffee Room opened this past weekend. 

We had been eagerly anticipating the opening of the Coffee Room - and it did not disappoint. I ordered a cappuccino and an almond croissant, and it felt reminiscent of what a Parisian breakfast must be like. The coffee itself was hands-down, spectacular. The Coffee Room brews Counter Culture coffee, which is one of our favorite coffees. After placing our orders, we got the BEST seat in the house - the bar at the window - and waited for some prime people watching. 

I can't wait to go back to the Coffee Room!

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15 S. State Street 

Newtown, PA