I took a bit of a break from A. Taylor Studio during the holidays and for the whole month of January. And just like that, it's already well into February! It's been busy, but at the same time, the time off has been nourishing. I have so many exciting things lined up for the next upcoming weeks and I thought I'd dig into a few here. 

  • Road trip dreaming. This summer, my mom and I are planning a cross-country road trip (allllll the heart eyes). From golden California all the way to green and grand Pennsylvania, we are expecting to fly one way and drive all the way back. We have verbally outlined the places on our 'must see' list. I am finding myself drawn more and more to Utah. I want to see it all. Some of the BEST photographers (in my opinion) seem to hail from Utah and SLC, so of course that's influencing me a bit - they make it look SOOOO pretty. Other stops on our list so far are going to be at least TWO major National Parks - we are thinking either Yellowstone or Yosemite - and definitely Mount Rushmore. Any tips are greatly appreciated!!
  • Wedding planning. Slowly but surely we are chugging along. S and I have so much more to do, and we definitely have our blinders on sometimes. But it's getting there! We are almost finished with flowers. Next up is bridesmaid dresses and the grooms' wear, then the officiant (kiiiinda important)...and then a whole bunch of other stuff that I can't even begin to wrap my head around. I am finding that I am going with a lot of friends' recommendations and doing less of the research myself. Not sure if that is a good thing or not.
  • Political stress. Not to get too deep on here, but for the first time in my young adult life I find myself waaaay more politically engaged than ever. Not just on social media, but in civic ways, which I am really proud of. But it's not enough. I am grappling with ways to flex my rights, to assert my voice in a constructive way, to keep America morally upright. To say I am scared and stressed is accurate. But there is a lot of hope out there, and a lot of bright ideas. Complacently, however, won't do. Activity and vigilance is absolutely essential.
  • Graduate school - more than halfway done. Last fall was by far my worst semester ever, stress-wise. With work, wedding planning, and two night classes (both on Mondays), I was downright unpleasant. This time, I know I can handle the workload - but it will not be easy. I am celebrating my MORE than halfway point (only 15 credits, I think, to go!). Spring semesters are always my favorite - is it me, or does everyone seem more relaxed in the spring? 
  • Creative pursuits. The calligraphy has not stopped! I am working on THREE weddings, including my own, so far this year. As a brand new (1 year old, almost!) business, this is so exciting and fantastic that it warrants a little happy dance. My goal for 2017 is to attend a calligraphy workshop either in Philadelphia or New York to expand my craft and network with other calligraphers like me. I love the collegial and supportive community on instagram and I can't wait to build real relationships.
  • DIY inspo. Terrariums have been my favorite indoor decoration for so many years now. While they're so fun to look at, especially when you have multiples, they can be super expensive when they're bought pre-assembled. I really got in the can-do attitude this winter and built a few terrariums myself. They're easy terrariums because they have air plants - no soil, moss, charcoal, or other supplies needed to sustain a rooting plant. I got my air plants at Lowes for about $3 each and placed them in my favorite glass geometric container. Any glass works, and looks so nice on a clean surface, windowsill, or side table.

That's about it for now. Ciao!