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Saxby's is a coffee company based in Philly, with tons of locations  in various states like New York, New Hampshire, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and more. I had always heard my sister talking about it because it was a coffee place she frequented as a college student at Temple. She had a favorite: heath bar latte. Especially when it was cold and she was walking to the train. So I had it on my list, but ultimately never went. Last Friday, on the way home from work, I visited my wedding venue with my parents (my dad saw it for the first time! exciting!) and we stopped at the Saxby's in Peddler's Village.

I'm a sucker for cafes with lots of windows and natural lighting...which Saxby's had. The bright natural light is striking, bright, and inviting. Plus, it adds the illusion of space and depth; the previous tenant in this particular space was also a cafe - an independent, small business that was eclectic (but tiny and dark). 

To celebrate the prospect of fall and the idea of my autumn wedding, I ordered a cold brew pumpkin iced coffee. Simply amazing! Sometimes cold brew is really strong and bitter. It has a certain bite to it that makes me really jittery. This coffee was a delightful surprise because it has the lightest, cinnamon-iest flavor that was so much more pleasant than any other cold brew I've had at, say, Starbucks. It wasn't overwhelmingly pumpkin and didn't have that jolty bite of pure caffeine, either. It was a mild-brew, a perfect cool treat on a super hot September day. 

Note: peanut butter cookies go reeeeeeally well with pumpkin cold brews. ;)

The buzz of this coffee perfectly complemented the excited buzz I am feeling about my wedding. I will probably always associate this cafe with that happy feeling of wedding anticipation, the feeling of the smells/sights/sounds fall brings, and the simply joy of sharing some java with my parents.

Lahaska, PA
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