Staying Cozy

When the holidays are over, it's so easy to slip into the January blues...but not me. In the midst of winter, I believe there are lots of things you can do to stay cheerful and peppy.  This is when winter becomes a time of nourishment, healing and self-reflection. I used to hate winter - I associated it with bleakness, darkness, and cold - now I see the beauty in the stillness of it all. It is a time to finally relax, quietly, without interruption. This past weekend was filled with lots of chilly wintry walks, decadent coffees, and lots of fresh flowers. That's the secret, I think! Nothing blows away the cobwebs like a brisk afternoon walk (hopefully to get a cup of coffee). In addition, nothing does more wonders for me than a corner filled with terrariums, a vase of fresh cut hydrangeas, or a blooming bulb in a jar. Luckily, at the moment, I am surrounded by all of those things! I plan on building more terrariums (inspired by this) during the cold winter months to keep myself busy, happy and cozy.