• best part of the weekend: spending the whole weekend with S in our new apt! It is really coming together; we just had some new furniture brought down by S's family and it looks so good! We also hung out with my little brother who visited from college. So fun!
  • wondering:  Where can I go to be surrounded by nature? I am in the infancy stages of planning a road trip with my mom...let's see if it actually comes to fruition...but how cool would it be to find the most obscure, yet natural, rugged places?
  • trying new:  routines. I am not quite hitting my stride with the whole workout routine I have going right I need to get back into a serious 3 day/week running schedule. That is when I feel best in shape.
  • inspired by:  The Great Outdoors and the American West! I am so craving a Western road trip...I want to see it all...from the rocky red canyons of Utah to the beautiful turquoise lakes of the Pacific Northwest!
  • mental reset: going for walks with my mom and scout. There is something so grounding about this walk we complete together - the talks, being outside, and seeing just how happy a simple walk can make a puppy so happy.
  • dreading: mondays. they're bad to begin with...but I have grad school night classes (double headers!). I hate myself for scheduling those...
  • sick of: mondays (see above).
  • wishing i could wear a lot of: StitchFix! I am really considering joining the service. I have a friend who loves it, and it just sounds like something that would really suit me right now. Plus, whoever is running their Pinterest account is a marketing genius. Everything looks so good!
  • beauty favorite of the moment: lancome definicils mascara. hands down, my favorite! 
  • looking forward to: peak leaves! we are so close, with october halfway gone. A few of the next coming weekends are lined up with fun day trips and weekends! Lots of scenic drives and fun friends weekends!
  • seeking: balance. with wedding planning, especially! 
  • favorite color to wear right now: mauve! I am in love with the dusty rose-y shade that is a little in the middle between purple and pink. I got this scarf for our recent engagement session because it fit the criteria for the dusty color I am loving right now! :)
  • challenged by: grad school! holy SMOKES! it is a serious challenge taking 2 classes while working full time.
  • reading: Empire of the Summer Moon by SC Gwynne.
  • watching: Lately, I've been getting into reruns of Friends. It is kinda cool to be a 26 year old watching a show about 26-something year olds in the 90s...
  • perplexed by: wedding does anyone do it!??!?!?

what's currently going on with you!? 

ciao, xo