Jacket Weather

jacket LOFT | tee shirt LOFT | jeans Lucky Brand | bag Coach | glasses Ray Ban | earrings LOFT | 

Good morning on this mild Tuesday! It is a real departure from our brisk and chilly weekend, perfect jacket weather. It's nice to really embrace "fall fashion" and wear layers, cozied up. These were taken in Princeton during our weekend drive.

Some things going on lately:

  • grad school: it's going! Crazy to think we are almost mid-way through the semester. I have a system down for homework and making it to class on time, so all I have to do is continue chugging on for that.
  • music: this might be weird...but the songs I just downloaded on my iPod are all classics! Rhapsody in Blue, Hoedown, Appalachian Spring, Four Seasons...a mix of nice tunes are in my queue.
  • new tea obsession: cold brew! It's awesome to have these tea bags handy at work. All you do is pop them into a cold water bottle and voila! You have some awesome iced tea. I love drinking my iced tea unsweetened so this is pretty much perfect.
  • in the market: for a new thermos. Speaking of tea...that's what I would use it for. I used to have this jumbo sized thermos from Dunkin Donuts that kept my tea hot ALL day long, and it died on me....I guess the insulation wore away from too much use. Haha, I know...this is interesting stuff...
  • currently on repeat: Parks and Rec, Downton Abbey reruns...never gets old.
  • upcoming resolutions: I am really excited because one of my old friends from high school is starting up Pilates classes...I admire the fact that she is just doing it! I am going to one of her classes this weekend, and I can't wait. So, in spirit of staying healthy (and preferably trim) I'd like to mix up Pilates and vinyasa classes this fall to keep busy. With grad school, plus work, I'd have to balance it...but we will see!

ciao! xo