girl date

My gal pal from Siena and I found ourselves on bikes recently pedaling to this cute little  pop-up called the Conshohocken Brewing company. It was twilight, the lightning bugs were out in full force, the cool night air made it the perfect moment for a (small!) beer. The simple design of the brewery was brilliant: ride up, lock your bike, and go get a beer! I enjoyed a 8 oz "Summer of '19," a lager inspired by a pre-Prohibition brew, I suppose. I almost never drink beer, but when I do, I appreciate a good one like this.

Cool summer  nights are about the #1 best thing on earth. Ditto for cool summer mornings. I just got back from a  2 mile run and it was so invigorating in the breezy morning air. Next week, I'm heading to California for a few weeks (!!!) and I'm really excited for the perfect California weather; the chilly sweater-and-shorts nights, the sunny days, and of course, the Pacific breeze. Can't wait!

ciao! xo