everyday, easy diamonds

I've never been one to wear a lot of bracelets, or pile on bangles that jingle and weigh down my hand. When I use my hands (hello Italian side!) during a conversation or at work, I always feel so noticeable and loud! Although I love the look of many bracelets, I have found a new favorite staple with my new Anjolee bracelet. I particularly love wearing it with my watch, or by itself. It adds such a subtle glimmer of sparkle to my arm, and it is gentle enough for every day use.

Perhaps my favorite detail of this piece is the weightless and lithe chain that allows the real focal point of the bracelet, the five diamonds, to move and shine. The column links allow for effortless flow   and absolutely no jingle! The five little diamonds are beautiful, feminine, and vibrant. I don't wear diamonds a lot, but this piece is so versatile and easy to wear on a daily basis. The column links remind me of delicate fringes of coral - perfect for summer! Their jewelry is custom made, and their collection of 

diamond wedding bands

 is fabulous. I am impressed with their quality, clarity, and classic elegance. I love the dose of sophistication my bracelet brings to any look.

ciao, xo

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