coffee diaries | ultimo

Ultimo is a cool little coffee shop tucked away in the streets of south Philly. It's out of the way from my usual route, so we drove in early on a Sunday morning to find that there were no crowds, even though the windows and doors were open and a warm April breeze was sweeping through. It was on my radar because it won Philadelphia Magazine's 2012 'Best Coffee Shop,' and it has taken me this long to get down to the area to experience it for myself.

You could easily drive by Ultimo if you're, say, scouting a good parking spot or looking for a friends' house. It is right at the corner of 15th and Mifflin, hidden among rows of narrow southwest philly homes. It is a nice little corner, tree-lined, with an entrance that had wide-open doors and no line. Two Philly cops were being served before me, and I thought to myself, 'that is cool, they have a coffee hangout! They probably come here all the time!' All of this was going on as I took in the exposed brick walls and the industrial (but not over-the-top-minimalist, if that's a thing) atmosphere. Of course,

The order: an Americano and a latte. I was in and out, so I had to sacrifice my sit down experience for a couple of to-go cups. I wish I could have stayed and eyed up the well-stocked and diverse collections of beers over at the next counter!

Notes from the Coffee Diary

smooth, nutty flavor.

light and creamy.

light foam, soft texture

for once: not felt rushed or crowded! easy ambience.

ciao, xo