a new look

I am SO excited to unveil a new look for my blog. I am really happy with it! The template is a bit simple and sophisticated; the entire look of it (to me, at least) is very different and edgy. I have been toying with the idea not only for months, but for years.

I have blogged for a very long time now (5 years total!!) and I think I owe this little source of happiness a much-needed makeover.

I have debated on removing my header (the three Italian scenes at the top) for months, too. I know that it isn't 'clean' or 'sophisticated' or 'chic' to some, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of it. I even tried to work with incorporating the flourishes on the lantern into the "A" of Anticipation, but it just seems hokey and disingenuous for me to do that. So, it stays. :)

This experience for me has kind of been like buying a car (minus the haggling and awful paper-signing). Actually may be it's not like buying a car. It's like after you've bought a car, and it's in your driveway, and even though you are inside and have things to do you just can't stop looking at that beautiful new car of yours! That's what I keep doing with my blog. I've probably had more hits today than ever. Yep, just me.

to renewals! 

ciao, xo