a happy list

Some things that are getting me through these very busy weeks (and also making me very happy):

  • eating chocolate licorice (a weird new favorite/craving that came out of nowhere)
  • re-runs of the office on netflix
  • seeing the magnolias and cherry blossoms rain pink petals in a spring breeze
  • being tan somehow already (??)
  • sunlight at 8:00 in the evening
  • homemade penne arrabiata
  • the summertime urge to be outside and spontaneous
  • fajitas, fajitas, fajitas
  • margaritas, margaritas, margaritas
  • everything outside green
  • shell tank tops from loft 
  • on-the-whim weekends (like this DC weekend, pictured above) 
  • new leather sandals ready to be broken in
  • windows down on the way home from work
  • iced coffees :)

Being halfway through May is kinda nice...there's a lot to look forward to and I am finally feeling like summer is attainable!