Terhune Orchards

 This past weekend was such a treat after a week that felt unusually long and stressful! On Saturday we poked around the Princeton area and found the most charming little orchard. It was the first day in a while that was cold, but didn't feel freezing.

Our spontaneous 'let's go down this road' mentality led us to Terhune Orchards . As we drove close, it was hard to not notice all of the knobby, gnarled and bare apple trees, seemingly petrified in the cold. They looked pretty stark against the ice/snow packed into the ground. I certainly didn't expect a cute little farm store with full-blown early spring delights inside. It confirmed our hope for spring! Budding grape hyacinths, baby daffodils, and fresh cut flowers were around every corner and visible surface. Apples were generously piled in great wooden crates, fresh cookies were on display, and the best apple crumb pie was offered for 'samples' (i.e. try a whole slice!). It tasted so fresh and local. In our shopping bag was fresh salsa, a small bunch of freesia, apple cider donut holes, guacamole chips, and of course apples.

Most delightful of all was the happy bunch of little farm animals that greeted us. A spunky white duck, a cuddly yellow lab, friendly cats, and chickens! Before heading out we couldn't resist ourselves with the apple cider donut holes - they were so good! - and we hung out with the animals by a smoking bonfire outside of the store.

My must-try for next time is their wine tasting room. Their winery is going to be my next early-summer stop, and when the autumn comes around I want to do apple and peach picking! Going to be awesome...and if you live in the area of Princeton NJ you should really go and 'shop local' at their perfectly quaint little farm store.

spring is coming! even though it is literally snowing now...I know it is coming!

ciao, xo