gelato date

Over the weekend (and for the first time in too long) my Siena friends reunited for some brunch and gelato!! It was perfect. I snapped a few pictures of our gelato date at Capogiro (I wrote about this place in an old coffee diaries post here) before our concoctions melted away. 

It's so casual and even probable to stop for a simple gelato in Italy - we were reminiscing about that - but here in the USA it's obviously not as easy to find a cute little corner gelateria that sells your favorite flavor. (sigh: i'm still searching for the frutti di bosco). We're lucky that Capogiro is here in Philly and whips up thirtysomething fresh batches of gelato daily! It'll hold me over until next time I'm in Italy. The wait for the frutti di bosco is worth it.

ps. Irish potato flavored gelato is AMAZING. sounds odd, but I promise it is good.

ciao! xo