scenes from my weekend

It might not seem it from these pictures but I have a sense that the winter blues are setting in; we all kind of feel that way! So we decided to rally against them by hopping in the car and just going somewhere with our cameras in tow. We spent almost the entire afternoon outdoors - chilly, sunny, windy - walking up and down the riverfront, poking into shops and cafes, and just people watching. It was the best!

It was actually quite beautiful in a stark only-in-January way. There were ice floes traveling down the river quite quickly, so it was a neat thing to see the sun sparkle on all the water and miniature glaciers. We even spotted a little flock of geese navigating the ice through the frigid waters - all of it was quite picturesque.

{some really good coffee from here. click to see the full coffee diary post!}

So, the weekend was nourishing for the soul but as always a bit too short. Next weekend is going to be awesome because it's a three day weekend (yeeeeee!). We've been having talks here about making a day trip somewhere, even if it is a little junket like this one. It does wonders for cabin fever and the january blues! I'd say, mission accomplished.

So this week, I've compiled a couple of posts: one dedicated to banishing the feeling of a wintry rut, and an outfit post. May be some other little snippets here and there. Can't wait for it all!

Everyone have a lovely week! ciao, xo