last sweet moments

Helloooo and happy Wednesday everyone! I am promising, this is my last photo dump from the beach. In an effort to try to reconnect to that good and relaxed pace, I'm visiting it one last time. Oh, the last sweet moments of that weekend. The memories are just so vivid and colorful still. We enjoyed every ounce of it, from breakfasts al fresco to marveling at the resilience of post-Sandy NJ. It is amazing what our little island did to bounce back to life after that incredible storm.

Now that real life has started back up and we are getting further and further into this glorious autumn,  I am feeling pretty good about how I have been balancing work and my life. It's something I worried about in the, how will I find the time to run


create lesson plans? Of course it has been tough. The one-day-at-a-time mentality has gotten me through it all. It allows me to savor each day.

One thing I

haven't been

doing is journaling - blogging doesn't count! I need to get back into my poor little journal. That's another goal for October I should probably

add to my list


anyway, how is your week going? anything happening?

ciao! xo