do what works for you


Happy Friday! We have made it!

- - -

Today's theme is: FALL CLOTHES that are cute on models but unflattering on you.

also: clothes that look better on the hanger than they do you.

isn't it the most annoying thing? 

the thing with fall is all the textures you're reintroducing into your daily wardrobe.

vests, jackets, layering tees, boots, socks, scarves, jackets, pants, oh pants.

like, even the socks above. you'd need to have the longest, thinnest legs to pull those off like that.

with a cute boyfriend shirt, all unkempt, cup of coffee in hand - that undone kind of glamour.


I find myself struggling with the easiest of pieces: jeans.

I recently bought a pair of light wash j.crew toothpick jeans and

love them...

so i bought them...and wore them finally.

And I just can't pull off the lighter jeans.

So..sticking with the dark.

Another look I can't quite master: layering.

I love the look of a cozy flannel under a cardigan under a vest...

and it all sounds so comfortable, so fall-y...

but I just get so dang hot and before I know it I am reaching for my drapey urban outfitters tees.

(note to self: stock up more on those).

last but not least: booties.

Ah. The idea of booties, the short-length but high-heeled boot is genius.

But somehow on a shorter figure I feel as though it is a challenge,

because the shortened coverage of the boot creates the illusion of a shorter leg.

So I'm thinking of trying some over-the-knee boots to make some semblance of leg elongation.

thoughts? bad idea?

anyway: what are some of your wardrobe struggles when it comes to glorious fall fashion?

ps. HAPPY FRIDAY! ciao, xo