can't go wrong with...

Love, friends and coffee! Seems to be the theme of the last couple of days...and it is something I want to continue - especially the first two parts! 

Summer is kind of over, which breaks my heart a little. I have been practicing balance (and little ways to hang on to the happy things of summer).  Through friends, through running, and I even signed up for a month of yoga. I am not feeling that doomsday "I CANNOT BELIEVE SUMMER IS OVER" feeling. Actually, I am feeling pretty content and happy with myself. Going to chase that feeling. Summer will inevitably slip away, but it will inevitably blossom back.

The weekend was beautiful. I spent it all with people near and dear to my heart! Lots of laughs, walking around the city, a sushi date, rainy day drives, photo raids at Ray-Ban, mimosas at brunch, an impulse buy


, and of course coffees to end it all. I am brimming with excitement still over it all. I'm realizing how lucky I am because whenever I spend  a day like that, I feel inspired and refreshed and yet, comforted. It's allll good. Just what I needed to kick start the school year.

ciao! xo