adventures in long-exposure photography

really tried for a peace sign...practice, practice!

Photography is thrilling to me - especially a challenge like capturing a lightning bolt or city lights.

Night time photography always has appealed to me, but there's a trick to it. 

It takes some practice to get the look you want with the lighting you have.

So, my sisters and I practiced the night of our big party with some morning glory sparklers

(you can pick some up at Target),

a tripod, and my trusty nikon. We had SO much fun experimenting with the shutter

and capturing these awesome shots! I tried with much difficulty to make a peace wasn't happening...

but we got a heart, some stars, and my sister wrote her name out. It love the dramatic bursts of light.

Taking a great picture gives me the same rush and excitement as if I just bought a brand new piece 

of clothing or treated myself to something nice. I look forward to looking at it, can't get enough of it.

With the fourth of July coming, and so many summer nights, here's your perfect opportunity to practice! 

More tips from 

Ali at Long Distance Loving

 - she had some excellent pointers :)

ciao, xo