scenes from my weekend

watching out for the ISS (space station) with a cozy bonfire. this is what we do. :)

honey lavender ice cream.

new shorts

as seen here 

Last week I vowed to myself to get

all work

done. Do it all. I didn't want one ounce of stress to penetrate into my weekend. And it was so worth it. Staying at work til 5:30, driving home late, being cranky and getting a less-than-decent night's sleep -


worth this weekend. I did everything I wanted to without even going too far. I got some shopping done, indulged a little, and even managed to exercise (keeping up with my goal



Some highlights of the weekend:

1. Honey lavender ice cream - everything you can imagine and more.

2. Home made fajitas...I'm getting pretty good at it.

3. A perfect evening for a bonfire, s'mores and star gazing (well, in our case, we search for the international space station which crosses our sky every once in a while - this is how we find it)

4. The feeling after a good run is awesome. I am so glad I am sort of keeping up with it - trying for a spin class tomorrow, and then want to continually run every day. Or some sort of cardio. :)

5. I ordered some food from an italian restaurant and kind of spoke Italian to the chef! It was a fleeting, but ecstatic feeling. Note to self: get back into studying italian...

Maaaaan, I love this sweet sweet summertime.

ciao! xo