thoughts on being unfinished

Everyone knows what it feels like to start something and not finish it. Whether its a chore, a project, a tedious little job, or even if it is something you


to finish but you can't because you're a perfectionist (ding ding ding! that's me). I was so happy when I half-revived this old sketch (and I think I like the undone feel of it all) and it turned out so nice with a pop of color! I find that I like my sketches so much better when they are

actually sketches,

rather than prim-and-proper pen lines or neatly-dabbed watercolor. I like the shadows and the creases and the rawness that a pencil makes. I like being able to smudge with my finger. But I have so many books - literally, books - of unfinished sketches. I want to bring them to life. I like this clean yet rough draft look, with the emphasis on one or two details. Just another phase I am in, I guess.. :) but look for more soon!

Man, I have missed my


ciao! xo