scenes from my weekend (and some thoughts) I cheated! I posted two weekends in one.

both were verrrry nice, very relaxing. filled with flowers. and caffeine. and hockey playoffs.

- - -

So, unrelated to the above pictures...lately I am feeling like I need a little push in the right direction.

Should I focus on applying to grad schools? being irresponsible and traveling the world? 

volunteering my butt off in my current job? focusing on moving out and getting an apartment?

studying something that really interests me, like Italian? spending more time improving my artwork?

I can't decide which one I want to throw my all into. I find myself wanting to do it all,

but then I can't get really good at one thing.

So I am feeling a little direction-less. But grad school is a definite must for me sometime soon.

I really want to do something that gets me traveling again - but I worry that it will conflict with my job.

I want to study italian again, but I worry that I will never have the opportunity to use it.

The GREs terrify me, too. What if I don't get a good score? What if it takes multiple times?

I think that this is a great strength and flaw of mine, to always wonder what is next.

Because it propels me to keep moving...but there's that question that plagues me...

what if?

Ok- this is a bit heavy for monday morning.

All in good time, all will fall into place - it always does.

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ciao, xo