the spring list

it is officially SPRING! 

this is the moment I have been waiting for, and for a long time.

so today's post is dedicated to all that I am, and have been, excited for:

  •  boxes of baby plants ready to be potted and watered.
  • bags of whoppers easter eggs
  •  my birthday! (april!)
  • that hint of excitement once the days get longer. wearing light scarves over a long sleeved cotton tee.
  • sitting to eat al fresco for the first time in months!
  • shedding the coat for the first time, even if it is a little premature...
  • fresh buds on the trees!
  • the smell of hyacinths...intoxicating.
  • magnolia blooms.
  • seeing the trees that line the streets turning green.
  • morning coffee dates
  •  pastels!
  • reese's eggs.
  • making summer plans.
  • visiting the tree in the park with S. :)
  • bulbs!
  • painting outside on a first warm day.
  • lunch dates in the city.
  • flea markets.
  •  walking outside with coffee in hand.
  • noticing it gets dark a little bit later... :)
  • brunch + shopping afternoons.

what are you excited for? what makes spring spring for you?

ciao! xo