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Rojo's Roastery in Lambertville was an unexpected little find, tucked away from the main drag but a cute little pit-stop for my mom and I. We hobnobbed with the friendly staff about which blends to buy but my real dilemma lately has been...

latte or cappuccino?

I went with a safe Ethiopian latte (feeling really cool typing that) and it was delicious.  Buttery smooth and made with an expert hand.

While Rojo's isn't a comfy-cozy place to sit and lounge with your coffee, it isn't meant to be - it houses a gigantic, industrial sized roaster right about 5 feet away from where you doctor up your coffee. The warehouse-like shelves that tower over little wooden tables make you feel like you're right in the middle of all the business, which is a cool touch of transparency. You know exactly how they roast and pack up that coffee.

Questions for Rojo's: is it ro-jo's? or ro-ho's (I'm thinking perhaps a flair of español)? Just wondering. And also, who is Rojo? What about that rooster? I guess I'll have to find out next time I go in.

Rojo's Roastery

243 N. Union Street

Lambertville, NJ