Blog Rut (And Some Plans)

Alrightttt, guys, I admit it, I am in a blogging rut. January around here just isn't all that interesting. In a weird way, I'm not bored or unhappy - actually I am finding it more calming than ever. But there just isn't anything that is popping out an inspiring me.  I haven't felt the need to


I am minding my own business, just doing my thing; going to work, working on work, planning ahead for the future (possible summer travels?!), looking forward to downtime at home, time out with friends, and runs/walks with mom. And the occasional (aka all too frequent) tea time.

as for our potential travel plans this summer, S and I want to take a trip - we are still in the brainstorming phase, obviously. Since I went to Italy (and he did, too!) last summer, we are thinking of keeping our trip domestic, to save some $$$ - and these are just some current ideas we have for the summer.

Well, our top three (and ever changing) ideas are the Florida Keys, and a possible west-coast blend of Seattle and San Francisco. Two really different trips. I am at a total loss, feeling stuck between the two and kind of unsure about what I really want. I have never traveled


that much within the US!

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom

(or recommendations?!). Basically, the whole conflict is we can't decide whether we want a more fast-paced, sightseeing sort of adventure vs. a relaxing, tropical getaway.

Problems, right? I know.

ciao! xo