packing the perfect holiday suitcase

christmas comfy


Some people roll their eyes at the thought of traveling for the holidays, but as you know the thought of going somewhere always thrills me. While I will be staying at home this Christmas, I do know a thing or two about packing for a long weekend (

or summer

). Some things and ideas on my must-have list for the holiday season. It's so important to stay put-together and fresh, no matter how many miles you've crossed!

  • wear your boots while you travel. it'll save you a lot of effort instead of lugging them in your bag!
  • depending on your destination, bring small purses - a cross body that is easy to switch from day-to-night, and a clutch that can also pair as a wallet!
  • leather-inspired leggings resist wrinkles and are super comfortable.
  • embellished fleece will also dress up your outfit, but surprise!it's a sweatshirt :)
  • patterned and punchy scarves are easy to pack and take up very little room.
  • I always gravitate to skirts and dresses because…I hate pants! 
  • Flats are what I normally wear, but like to bring in my suitcase because they're space-saving and much more comfortable for walking.

Check out 

Paul Frederick's

 tips for keeping clothes crisp while traveling. Their advice - especially showering "with" your clothes - is something I've always found to be so smart. Time-saving and resourceful advice like this makes living out of a suitcase seem much more doable. Stay stylish, travelers! :)

ciao, xo