happy snow

A typical snow day for me looks like this:

It starts with a  call around 4:45am. The night before, you 


you know, but you're never totally sure. The worst is the built up anticipation and having it been all for nothing. But when you're pulled out of sleep and hear that phone ringing, you know you're going to be happy. I don't typically go back to bed, as I love nestling up in the couch next to the pups with my warm coffee, tuning into the news and watching the weather and traffic - knowing I don't have to move. By this time the snow has probably already started and everything is coated in a blanket of white.

Skinny branches are lined with snow with their brown undersides defining the landscape; evergreen needles delicately pushed downward from the weight. This time around it was perfect snowball snow, quite heavy and even dangerous, as it is easily pack-able. My favorite type of snow is the huge globs that fall down faster, in heaps. The light snow is beautiful, but I prefer the heavy rather than the fine whispers of snow that you have to really squint to see if you're looking out a window.

I spent my day hovering over a box of chocolates, watching the Christmas tree light up, hearing snow plows and motors struggle outside, listening to Downton Abbey reruns and drinking about 3 cups of tea per hour. I am an addict…

happy snow day to you! stay warm and cozy!

ciao, xo