sunday happies

The winds outside are angry, loud and making the leaves swirl about…it's the perfect day for hot tea and snuggling up in a thermal. That's exactly how you would find me - with a cup in hand and wearing many layers. Winter is sure here, it feels like…

I am excited for all of the Thanksgiving cheer this upcoming weekend! It will be Scout's first, and I am weirdly excited about that…it is going to be here at home, quiet and intimate, just us. I couldn't be more thrilled :) my sister will be making her out-of-this-world mashed potatoes, and I will be making my apple pie(s). most likely quite a few. 

I haven't been devoting time to blogging lately; I'd rather not post at all than put a slipshod post together carelessly. I'm planning to spend more time behind the camera this week… :)

for now, I bid adieu! ciao, xo :)