coffee diaries | elixr

On my last blog (may it rest in peace in some cyberspace abyss), I had a series called the 'coffee diaries,' which was perhaps my favorite little series ever. So in honor of starting afresh here on Anticipation, I present to you my all-time favorite city cafe. Philadelphians, rejoice if you love latte art as much as I do - because Elixr , right off of Walnut Street, is probably the coolest cafe on the block, packed with barista talent and passion.

You'll walk into Elixr and see a dozen little illuminated Macbooks with people perched over them, typing away or in a musical trance with earbuds plugged in. Each person seems to have a fascinating story. But they all have a delicious, beautifully crafted coffee by their hands. Elixr ranks highest in my coffee diaries criteria,  which combines atmosphere + service + of course, quality of the coffee (but let's be real, I only get espresso). The atmosphere is just so hipster-cool. Terrariums float over the industrial-style wooden floor and steps, and at the counter, you'll see all of those neat coffee gizmos that only the baristas know how to work. I sure don't.

I found Elixr through someone's recommendation; a perfect stranger, actually. He was a delightful cashier at Kitchen Kapers, and I am forever grateful to him for leading me to my all-time favorite cafe. Since then my sisters got me a little gift card to Elixr for my birthday this year, and every once in a while when I go into the city I make a point to grab a latte. Maybe I'll see you there :)

ciao, xo


207 sydenham street