A Morning Walk In Siena

I loved so many things about solo Siena mornings, one of which was the constant screech of the bats in the air. The light dawn hues in the sky illuminating the Duomo and the rest of the high-walled streets are really one of a kind. These photos above are from a particular morning I remember so vividly, from the end of June (2011) right before the Palio, which I would miss.

I would go again two years later and finally see the horse race (click for that!).

Studying abroad in Siena was life-altering, and as cliche as it sounds, I stand by that statement. I think people probably think it is weird how

in love

I am with Siena and Tuscany and Italy in general. The taste of chianti wine still, for that infinitesimal first second it reaches my mouth, takes me directly to the campo. The warm bricks in the sun smelled a certain way. The nights were utter perfection - cool, blue, dark, and yet so inviting. The sporadic chants and beating of drums down the streets for the upcoming Palio was intimidating, and yet

so, so

cool. I felt like I was a part of something.

ah, Siena. You're my first travel love. Always, always.