Côte d'Azur Reminiscing

A few notes on Nice, France:

the rose macarons! so good.

+ the fresh produce and flower market was my favorite part of the morning.

+ again, my inspiration was ignited by the beach at night. the view of the coastline from ours was simply stunning  - all of the lights, all of the bright and lively people.

+ things in nice cost a pretty penny - but it's okay. I bought lavender sachets, my macarons!, and some berries from the market - framboise! new favorite word. 

+ regrets: not eating brie.

+ the beach at Nice is one of the most colorful I have ever seen. The grey pebbles allow the people, their umbrellas, their blankets, the barely-there (and sometimes nonexistent...) swimsuits, and of course the water to take the spotlight. It is bold to say the least!

The French language got me more than I thought it would: I was hooked. Every sign, menu, street name or atelier was just so beautiful to look at, let alone pronounce. Hearing the throaty accents of natives was pretty lovely, too. Our stay in Nice was also accompanied by days in Antibes, Monaco, and Eze - but the beach at Nice was perhaps my favorite day, because the water was just so blue and our picnic overlooking the pretty beach was so relaxing and simply indulging.

ciao! xo